For many children, summer camp can be one of the more rewarding and unforgettable experiences of a child’s life. In addition to creating great friendship, enduring memories and personal development, camp helps children gain an appreciation for life. As the school year begins to wind down and the days begin to warm, appreciate the many gifts of summer. For children, the break from the academic structure is a carefree time to bask in the many joys of childhood. Here, in the Mystic area, parents are incredibly fortunate to have so many wonderful camp opportunities available, offering a wide range of styles and themes.

The Mystic Museum of Art invites kids of all ages and artistic abilities to experience our fun and enriching art camps. We offer young artists the tools to explore art through a new lens in a positive and nurturing environment. They will learn firsthand that there are no limits when it comes to imagination. Our campers will not only pride themselves in their creations but they will also learn many important life skills. Our caring, adult mentors will guide and encourage your child to be the best that they can be!

Here at MMoA, campers will learn:

  • Creative, social, emotional, intellectual, and moral growth
  • To try new things and break out of their comfort zones by taking creative risks
  • Communication skills
  • Character Development by gaining confidence and seeing the value of hard work
  • Benefit of both independent and team work
  • Gain confidence and become better problem solvers

Select from our wide range of themed Specialty camps- from cartooning to 3D sculpture, fashion design, graffiti and more, or choose a Jr. Studio camp where artists are exposed to a little bit of everything. Register for multiple weeks for a fully immersive art experience. Our goal this summer is to give our campers the time of their lives.