MMoA Artists Share: Kathleen DeMeo

Kathleen DeMeo is a printmaker, painter, and mixed-media artist from Old Lyme, CT.


“At the moment, I truly am working “at home” because the printmaking studio at Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, which has been my de facto studio for two decades, is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. With no etching press available, I’ve turned to a medium totally unfamiliar to me – oils mixed with cold wax. I’ve enjoyed experimenting and exploring what’s possible with the medium. I find it’s much more forgiving than the monotype process, allowing me to easily scrape away or apply more paint if I want to rework an area. It’s wonderfully manipulative, and receptive to texture, something that plays a key role in my printmaking. I’m glad to have discovered a new creative outlet during this time.”


Kathleen became an Elected Artist member at MMoA in 2019.


Photo above: Kathleen standing beside her work entitled Arctic Myth which was accepted into the CT Academy of Fine Arts exhibition at MMoA in 2019.


About the Artist

Photo above: Recent work entitled Moody Blues, 12″ x 9″, oil and cold wax medium.

Kathleen (Cathy) DeMeo is a printmaker, painter and mixed-media installation artist. Her work has been shown in dozens of respected juried exhibitions, meriting several “best in show” prizes among other awards. Her primary medium is monotype, a painterly form of printmaking. Subjects are predominantly abstract, with rich texture and color achieved by layering ink and imagery. Kathleen is also inspired by the natural world, conjuring real and imagined places through the unique lens of monotype.

“I love the unpredictability and spontaneity inherent in the process, allowing the work to evolve organically. I strive to create evocative compositions that resonate with viewers on a personal level.”

Kathleen holds a BFA in graphic design from the University of Connecticut, and has studied printmaking at Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, CT for more than 20 years.