MMoA Artists Share: Lori Rembetski

Lori Rembetski is a ceramic artist from New London, CT and is known for her whimsical clay dog sculptures. Before adopting a live dog, everything she made turned into a dog.  Now, in addition to dogs; her work has expanded to cats, birds, bunnies, flowers, and squirrels – the interests of her live dog.


“I am currently working on a few different series of small high relief carved tiles: Animalia – a study of animals and birds, Flowers, and Birds with Flowers. I start by rolling out a small slab of clay, draw an animal or bird, and then start carving. Once the carving is complete and the clay is dry I bisque fire the tile. After that firing, I stain it with Iron Oxide Wash and then paint on the Under Glaze. The tile is fired once again. After the second firing I add wire and the piece is finished. The tiles can hang on the wall and are perfect for homes with limited wall space.”


Lori became an Elected Artist member at MMoA in 2013.


About the Artist

Lori fell in love with clay when she was sixteen. She prefers hand building to throwing on a wheel. The irregularities created on a slab, coiled, or pinched surface influences her work. She starts with an idea of what to create, but never knows exactly how the finished piece will look. She observes how the light falls on the surface of the clay. A lump in one spot often suggests a nose and from there a face soon emerges.

Lori Rembetski earned her BFA from Alfred University with an emphasis on Ceramics. Her work has been exhibited in California, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Lori received the First Prize in Sculpture at the Guilford Art League 63rd Annual Juried Exhibition and was awarded The Teddy Goberis Award for Excellence in Ceramics at the Mystic Arts Center. She is an Elected Artist member at The Mystic Museum of Art.


Recent Accomplishments

In the fall of 2019, Lori’s work was accepted into The Cassidy Gallery in Conway, NH and, in February of 2020, she became a consignment member of the Connecticut River Artisans Co-op in Essex, CT.


Work in Progress





Facebook:   /LoriRembetskiCeramicArtist
Instagram:  @lori_rembetski