Abstract Nylon Sculptures

Abstract Nylon Sculptures

Objective: We always want to give students a project they can be proud of and one that boosts their confidence at the start of a class; one where even for the students who might not be artistically inclined can create something that has that WOW factor. This is definitely one of those projects where the result looks like something you might see at a modern art museum. Although it does require a little bit of adult assistance, we promise this will go down as one of their favorites.


· A wooden block- this can be a scrap piece cut about 2 inches thick.
· Wire. The gauge should be one that is heavy duty but still bendable. A wire coat hanger works well.
· Wire Cutters
· Staple Gun
· A piece of Nylon material (we use panty hose!)
· Glue
· Primer
· Paint

(*the first 2 steps require adult assistance and supervision)

1) Cut your wire into 2 pieces, approximately 2 feet in length.

2) Create 2 big loops by stapling each end of wire into the 4 corners of your wooden block (or drill 4 holes into each corner of the wooden block and thread the wire through).

3) Cut your nylon stocking (or we will often buy the nylon socks for this project which end up being the perfect size) so it is the correct size for being able to fit over the wire loops and down to the bottom of the block. Cut and tuck any extra material underneath.

4) By bending and manipulating the wire through the nylon covering you will be able to create a form or a shape that you like. Try twisting and pulling the wire to make different shapes. See if you can make your look like a wave, or flower, or a person’s profile. Or just keep it organic and abstract. Tip: try not to crunch the wires down low.

5) Create a mixture of 1 part glue to 1 part white primer and paint this all over the sculpture. The glue will act to harden the nylon. Let dry for a couple of hours or overnight.

6) Paint you sculpture. It can be done as a drip paint project outside. You can spray paint it all one solid metallic color to make it look like metal, you could try to paint it realistically to make it look like a particular object… the possibilities are endless! Let dry.

Extra: Check our the work of Henry Moore and how he also created flowing, organic shapes and abstract forms just like yours!