MMoA Artists Share: Brigitte Brocato

Brigitte Brocato is an artist from Ashaway, RI who creates works that both celebrate and memorializes different life events.

“I like to depict topics or events that profoundly effect many people’s lives in either a negative or positive way. For example, the terrorist attack on 911 in New York City and the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989.”


Brigitte became an Elected Artist member at MMoA in 2015.


About the Artist

Brigitte lives with her husband and two sons in Rhode Island.  She pursued her life long interest in the arts later in life. After retiring from her administrative position, she returned to college, took lessons in ceramics, and joined several art associations in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Returning to her homeland in Germany, she would often attend art and art history lectures.  Back in Rhode Island, she started to take classes in drawing and oil painting at RISD and later took classes at the Newport Art Museum in printmaking and etchings.  She moved on to open her pottery studio where she taught workshops.

She won many awards and honorable mentions for her work in clay, porcelain, watercolor and oil paintings including the Paule Loring award for best sculpture at the South County Art Association in 2001 and 2nd Prize at the Regional exhibition at the Mystic Art Center (now known as the Mystic Museum of Art) for her etching in May 2013.

After the birth of her grandchildren, she started to write and illustrate educational children’s picture books including an ABC book (which features words in alphabetical order in the English and German language), the Waldy books (an emphasis on arithmetic skills in the English, German and French language), and the Flowerchildren book (an introduction to the color theory and also a book about kindness and friendship).  Flowerchildren won three honorable mentions in national and international competitions including the New England Book Festival, the New York Book Festival, and the Paris Book Festival.

Photo above:  Brigitte’s oil painting entitled Peace

“The peace sign was created in 1958 by British artist Gerald Holton. He created banners and signs for a nuclear disarmament march in London. The semaphore signals for the letters “N” and “D” taken to stand for ‘nuclear disarmament.’ In the 60’s and 70’s young people used the peace sign to protest the Vietnam war.”