MMoA Artists Share: Carole Erdman

Carole Erdman is a regular volunteer at MMoA.  Serving on the Building & Grounds Committee, she has assisted with acquiring funds and plantings for the Museum’s grounds.  She also comes in on a weekly basis to greet visitors from the front desk and is always ready to support the staff in any way.


“Volunteering at MMoA is a must for me. Meeting visitors and getting their input on a current exhibit is enlightening.  The Museum Staff is dedicated, creative and a pleasure to work with.”


Carole became an Elected Artist member at MMoA in 2017 and she is also a regular student in our KTJ Studios.


About the Artist

Art and creativity are a major focus for Carole Erdman.  The visual qualities of surroundings are always considered for artwork.  Life’s journeys have provided the valuable information to be used as inspiration for growth and soul of works.

Carole hails from West Hartford and has recently relocated to Groton Long Point with her husband, Tony.  She has studied with artists such as Al Hammer, Alan Tompkins, Paul Zimmerman, and Howard Park.  These mentors, as well as travels to Hawaii, the Southwest, Europe and the Connecticut shoreline, have been influential in her work.  Most of her recent work is oriented at the seashore.

Her artwork may be viewed at Lyme Art Association, Mystic Museum of Art, and the Noank Summer Show as well as private collections.