MMoA Artists Share: Hilary Opperman

Hilary Opperman has been instructing children’s art programming at MMoA  for 10 years. Her calm and thoughtful approach to artmaking encourages the best in students and her interest in the healing effect of creativity inspires children to be mindful, not just towards their art, but to the planet, societal issues, and towards each other. MMoA continues to be grateful for her dedication and all that she brings to the KTJ Studios.


“My mixed feelings about the world fuel a need to make mixed media work. I attempt to describe the indescribable: Duality, mystery, mysticism and magic. My collages often evoke archetypes, hidden references, and mythology. Ancient cathedrals, temples and heritage sites are combined with a (hopeful) dose of spontaneity. Often, I’ll merge contrasting iconography from several of the major religions. East somehow does meet west. Despite seemingly conflicted religious and cultural agendas, I aim to show universal parallels, desires, and transcendence. Ultimately, I hope my work is a small and subtle conduit towards peace.”



Recently, Hilary’s work was featured a few times on the front cover of MMoA’s exhibition catalogs.  For our 2019 juried themed exhibition entitled ‘Hommage‘ where she won honorable mention for her piece Lens Unbound and our 2018 juried themed exhibition entitled ‘Memory‘ where she won 3rd prize for her piece Tree of Life. 




About the Artist

Hilary Opperman is a mixed media artist who grew up in eastern Connecticut. She has participated in various peace, political and volunteer organizations. Hilary is interested in the healing capacity of art and using creativity as a means of conflict resistance. She loves art related to mysticism and magic. Hilary teaches at the Mystic Museum of Art and works for Site Projects in New Haven. She has exhibited in spaces including Mystic Museum of Art, Slater Memorial Museum, Marquee Gallery, Kehler Liddell Gallery, The Yale Divinity School and at St. Paul the Apostle in NYC.


Recent Accomplishments

In 2020, Hilary exhibited in Europe for the first time—as part of a collage group show at MERZ Gallery in Sanquhar, Scotland.



Social Media
Instagram:  @hilary_opperman_artist
Facebook:  /hilaryoppermanartist