MMoA Artists Share: Julia Pavone

Julia Pavone is a mixed media artist who also has years of teaching and curatorial experience.  Most recently, Julia served as our guest curator for MMoA’s Soderberg Unfurled! exhibition (June 14 – July 6, 2019).


“While continuing with non-representational and abstract paintings, some of my most recent work, found objects, has been an exciting path in my continuing journey of artistic creation.  Many wonderful objects that were used in daily life over the years have now been cast aside or replaced in today’s new and instant everything culture.  Many wonderful objects may not even be recognizable to entire generations.  But these forsaken objects, or in some cases pieces of them, have found their way to a rebirth, appreciated for their aesthetic beauty and lifted to the level of art.  My work infuses bits of the ‘real world’ into the ‘fantasy world’ of a painting.”


Julia became an Elected Artist member at MMoA in 2012.


About the Artist

Julia is currently a full-time working artist. She teaches courses in studio art, art history and art appreciation. Her work as a painter includes creating non-representational and abstract mixed media paintings, working in oil, cold wax, encaustic medium and “found object” paintings.  She has been part of several exhibitions in New York City, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Julia was awarded a month-long residency as a working artist in bulgaria in 2003, 2005 and again in 2013, by the Griffis Foundation of New London (headed by Toby Griffis) and the Orpheus Foundation of Bulgaria, headed by renowned poet, Lyubomir Levchev.  There she was given 2 solo exhibitions in 2003 including one at the U.S. Embassy in the capitol of Sofia.  In 2013 Julia was given another exhibition with 2 other artists from the residency in the artist cooperative gallery, in Sofia, Bulgaria. She was also awarded an artist residency in Ireland in 2008.

Julia Pavone was the co-founder and curator/director of the Alexey Von Schlippe Gallery of Art at the University of Connecticut’s Avery Point campus for 24 years.  Julia has been a guest curator at the Mystic Museum of Art, the Lyme Academy, the Slater Memorial Museum, New London Art Society and Gallery, Three Rivers Community College, Pfizer Corporation’s art galleries, and MS17 Gallery in Connecticut.  She has been invited to jury several professional art exhibitions throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island. She has also been an invited guest lecturer on the arts for many organizations in Connecticut, including the Lyman Allyn Museum, Mystic Museum of Art, and Guilford Center for the Arts in Connecticut.