MMoA Artists Share: Linda J. Ouellette

Linda J. Ouellette is a photographer from Columbia, CT who enjoys creating art using both tradition and digital methods. Her photography as well as painted works provide her a base image to alter using digital painting and layering techniques.


Linda most recently won 2nd prize in the manipulated image category in our Photo Show 42 exhibition for her piece Swinging with Excitement.


She became an Elected Artists member at MMoA in 2018.


About the Artist

Photo above:  infrared photograph of MMoA’s riverfront property taken by Linda Ouellette

“My foray into the creative arts was borne out of a desperate need for distraction from severe Fibromyalgia/Myofascial Pain and the rigors of being an assistant caregiver to my dad, grandmother, and grand uncle for ten years. My dad battled Alzheimer’s Disease.

Digital art and photography provided a distraction for me when I was diagnosed with Stage 2B Breast Cancer in August 2013. I held my iPad and created art while hooked up to chemo. My favorite topics to work with were images of Lake George, New York and Mystic, Connecticut. “A Chemo Photo Essay” was my final project with the New York Institute of Photography and I completed the coursework during treatment. I graduated twelve days after my final chemo. In the Fall of 2017, I held my first solo art show in Hartford, CT at St. Francis Hospital. Recently, I have attained Elected Artist status at the Mystic Museum of Art in Mystic, CT and Signature Artist status at Arts Center East in Vernon, CT.

The creative arts continue to help me progress through the healing process.  Always remember that within art lies distraction and within art lies peace.”



Social Media
Instagram:  @ljoyce_12