MMoA Artists Share: Marilyn McShane Levine

Marilyn McShane Levine is a photographer from Richmond, RI who is an avid outdoors enthusiast and environmentalist.  She continues to explore ways of combining her holistic studies with her writing and photography – believing that expressive arts can facilitate healing of body, mind, and spirit.


“Photography provides me with a means of consciously viewing the world, noticing and lingering – seeing the beauty and joy, as well as the sorrow around us.  I believe the world of the artist is limitless.  Art can be found anywhere – in foreign lands or just a few steps away from the backdoor.
As a photographer, I aim for my work to bring the viewer into a moment in time. I want my photography to evoke emotion, alter one’s perspective, provide new seeing, or conjure a memory. For me, the lens of my camera can serve as an extension of my inner-most being.”


Marilyn became an Elected Artist member at MMoA in 2016.


Photo above: Marilyn McShane Levine in front of her photo entitled One Love, (Darjeeling, India) during the Mystic Museum of Art’s opening reception for the 2020 Elected Artists/Members’ Exhibition.


About the Artist

Photo above:  Synergy and Fog was recently accepted out of many entries into the Florence Griswold Museum as part of a juried photo exhibition augmenting their present exhibition, “Nothing More American: Immigration, Sanctuary and Community.”

Marilyn McShane Levine is a world-traveler and a photographer whose work is found in several art galleries and museums in Rhode Island and Connecticut. She is a member of the Newport Art Museum, Conanicut Art Association, Jamestown Art Center, and the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). She is an Elected Artist member of the Mystic Museum of Art and served as a Board Member of the Conanicut Art Association. Marilyn’s photography has been the recipient of various awards including, Awards of Excellence, Honorable Mention, and People’s Choice.


“I strive to document more than the external image, searching for the meaning behind the image and within the image; asking myself: what more can be revealed in the tears falling on an etched face or in the pattern of clouds forming in the sky?  What mystery does the fog hold as in blots out the definitive lines of reality? Have I revealed the essence within the image, the emotions, the underlining story? It is only then, that the image moves beyond the surface, capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary, providing a glimpse into what it means to be fully alive and mindfully connected to all in this earthly experience.”


Recent Accomplishments

The Florence Griswold Museum invited photographers to explore the theme of what “sanctuary” looks like to them.  Due to the present Covid-19 situation, the Florence Griswold is presently closed and, therefore, made this exhibition into a virtual show on their website.