MMoA Artists Share: Randy Richards


Randy Richards is a local photographer and digital media artist from Groton, CT, whose work is instantly recognizable.  In 2017, Randy won first prize in the manipulated image category at MMoA’s Photo Show 39 (juried by Joe Standart) and again in 2019 at Photo Show 41 (juried by Eileen McCarney Muldoon).


“Fascinated with the way time affects space, I explore combinations of different points of time. By overlapping different photos taken of a scene at different times, I create an altered sense of reality, a 4th dimension that allows the viewer to travel back and forth in time. Originating from acrylic paint in 1996, this style evolved into digital photo collages and also 3D Cubes in 2002. Today, after 20+ years, I continue to explore and evolve this style to enhance the visual experience even further.”


Randy became an Elected Artist member at MMoA in 2018.


About the Artist

Randy Richards, Palmer Cove / Mid-Day and Sunset

Randy Richards is a local commercial and fine artist who graduated from the Pratt Institute in New York City in 1987.   He is known for his digital media artwork where he takes photos of the same scene from the same vantage points at different times and digitally combines them into one piece.  His work has been shown in Lower East Side of Manhattan and Connecticut galleries and museums, and is represented in numerous private collections.


Recent Work

In January of 2020, Randy created a series focused on a melting Alaskan Iceberg. He received approval from NASA to utilize photos taken of the icebergs in both the early 20th century and today, and used his unique style to create the works.





Social Media
Instagram:   @randyrichards5