MMoA Artists Share: Cathy Weiss

Cathy Weiss is an artist from Clinton, CT who uses art to raise money for those in need.


“I have worked in health, community, and social services for over thirty years as an administrator, educator, and designer of many original community programs.”


Cathy became an Elected Artist member at MMoA in 2017.  She was recently chosen in the first round for the Elected Artists’ Six by Six program displayed in MMoA’s Schuster Gallery which now houses the Museum Store.  She has also recently sponsored our future “Looking at Art” lecture series at MMoA.


About the Artists

The following are excerpts from a recent article written by Eric O’Connell entitled Cathy Weiss: From Quiet Reflection to Artistic Fruition for

“Cathy recalls when she was young, she wanted to pursue a career in the arts, but was pushed to instead get an education in a science field. For years she worked in the health field, first as a radiation therapist and then later on as a social worker, but it was art that always caught her attention…

‘I don’t follow the crowds; because I have a science background I experiment with different materials and different styles,’ Cathy says of her style.

‘I get inspired just observing,’ she says. ‘Every day I watch sunrise and sunset and try and be quiet to reflect and that’s where my ideas come from’…

Her background fosters projects that intersect art and social work. Cathy proudly notes that several of the programs she helped start as a social worker are still in use today. When she can, she still tries to help support charities through her artwork.”



Projects by Cathy


Cathy has pursued many projects all with the same goal – to raise money for groups and communities in need.  Below are just a few of the many successful programs.



The Greater New Haven Transit District [GNHTD] Foundation’s Art In Motion Project

“Donating my art on a transit bus raised enough money to supply rides to 10,000 elders in 23 towns in the greater New Haven area. My art reflects the intimate and intriguing glimpses I have been a part of in my work. I am excited to now be in the process of developing and helping to fund and exciting program that has never been done before.

I have been asked to help other artists understand the mechanics of making art that is wrapped onto public displays such as the GNHTD Art in Motion project I recently completed. So I thought a video would help. However, when Rachael Mason and I rode the bus to ascertain if the art was meaningful to the public, we learned so much more….. Watch the video and see for yourself how art moves people in more ways than one can imagine.”


Time in Cuba

Cathy developed a series of photographs during her time in Cuba and used it to raised money for a children’s art school in Cuba.

“In the spring of 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba on a cross cultural exchange.  While there, I visited every art gallery and school surrounding Havana. Rarely granted to Americans, I received special permission to enter ISA, the government run arts University.  I also participated in community art projects, toured medical clinics, and lived in a real Cuban neighborhood. I dined in the homes of locals, met many professional artists, professors, architects, and art historians. I also traveled three hundred miles to the Bay of Pigs and Trinidad.

I photographed recognizable tourist icons, but mostly took shots of slices of real Cuban life not often seen in travel reels. My vast experiences also inspired the artwork I made there.  I was so moved by the resiliency and creativity of the Cuban people, that I wrote many stories about them, and what I observed during my time there.”

One of her photographs from her Cuba series was on display in last year’s juried Photo Show 41 exhibition at MMoA.


Current Project

“Right now I will be exhibiting in my gallery in New Haven, 18 Tower Lane, and all proceeds go to fund arts programming and supplies for people with Alzheimer’s disease. The program “Opening Minds Through Art” is evidence based and… is only one of my many current unique community art projects whose proceeds have benefited many people served through non profits within our state.”