MMoA Artists Share: Gina Rubin

Gina Rubin is a ceramic artist from Waterford, CT who specializes in both functional and sculptural wheel-thrown ceramics.  She shares with us her views on the comfort and life-enhancing properties that go along with handcrafted ceramics.


“Having and using handcrafted ceramics in and around the home connects us in comforting ways to ourselves and others, as well as nature.  These handmade ceramics used for nourishment, decor, celebration, community, etc. bring joy into our homes and enhance every day life.  Maybe it’s holding that first cup of hot coffee in the morning or sharing special coffee moments with friends, having a warm cup of tea to settle in for the evening, or even sharing a favorite family recipe at a table set with fresh flowers in a handmade vase.   The moments are endless and the common thread connecting us is the feeling of comfort and joy we get when we use these handcrafted items.  I create from a place of joy and abundance when I work with clay.   To be a maker and artist of handmade implements for the home that enhance the connection and comfort we feel for ourselves and each other, brings me great joy.” 


Gina became an Elected Artist member at MMoA in 2018


About the Artist

Currently based along the southern New England shoreline, Gina’s ceramics are created in her studio both on a pottery wheel and sculpted by hand using porcelain and stoneware clay.  Her process involves creating uniquely painted, carved, and sculpted surface designs, many of which have been influenced by views from the coastline.  She is especially drawn to the graceful fluid movement found along the water’s edge, the relationship between water and sand, and the rhythm of ebb and flow of the shoreline.   Recognized for her porcelain sculptures, Gina also creates one-of-a-kind mugs and other tableware.

Gina’s undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Northern Colorado and University of Colorado. After graduation, she pursued a corporate career and is now creating art inspired by her surroundings.  She has exhibited in galleries and museums in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Colorado, New York, and Georgia.  In addition to her ceramics, she has also exhibited her photography, paintings, and sketches both on a local and national level.  Besides being an Elected Artist member at MMoA, she is also an artist member of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts and has completed a two month ceramic artist residency at Truro Center for the Arts in Truro, MA.




Instagram:  @ginarubindesigns


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