Mystic Museum of Art Elected Artists

Mystic Museum of Art gives local artists — whether they are emerging, professional, or somewhere in between — a gathering place to learn, connect, and be inspired by their peers. Our Elected Artists exhibit their work at exhibitions throughout the year. To qualify, artists must have their original artwork accepted into four juried shows at MMoA within any two-year period, and be a member in good standing.

If you believe that you have met the above qualifications to become an Elected Artist, please fill out our Elected Artist Application and mail the completed form to the Museum.  Applications must be received by December 31, 2019 for consideration to be accepted and announced at the 2020 Annual Meeting.

Elected Artist Members

Ralph Acosta
Bob Adams
Carol A. Adams
Linda DiFrenna Ash
Del Bourree Bach
Joann A Ballinger
Teri Banas
Karin Bastidas
Roger Beers
Brigitte Brocato
Diane Brown
Alan Brush
M.J. Brush
Ben Buglio
Susan Burgess
Deborah Burklund
Joanna Case
Jean Cassidy
Cheryl Graves Chambers
Carol Sward Comeau
Geoffrey G. Constantine
Lois H. Constantine
Sylvia Cooke
Jean Dalton
Bruce Dasinger
Denette Dasinger
Rita Dawley
Elin D. Dolle
Carol Dunn
Margaret Emond
Carole Erdman
Gilbert Fahey
John Fix
Judy Flora
Duane V Gamble
Mary Gazda
Pamela Pike Gordinier
Charles Hamm
Irene Hamm
Gretchen Higgins
Paul Hitchen
Ardis S. Holliday
Eric Hovermale
Sunil Howlader
Alison Ives
Roger Carl Johanson
Michael Kennedy
S. Chandler Kissell
Marilyn McShane Levine
Sarah Stifler Lucas
John W. Malenda
Catherine Mansell
Howard Margules
Maggie McDonough
Timothy Mockler
Eileen McCarney Muldoon
Karen Neff
Nancy Nielson
Fran Oat
John S. Oat
Nancy Oates
Marian O’Connell
Linda Ouellette
Anne Pierson
John Read
Maryann Read
Lori Rembretski
R. Douglass Rice
Olivia Ann Rolston
Lenny Rumpler
Judy Salerno
Nicholas Salerno
Christina Morse Scala
Susan Pfeifer Scala
Robert Scutt
Cheryl Seaver
Hiroko Shikashio
Michele Sinkez
Dennis Sirrine
Catherine Whall Smith
Suzanne G. Starr
Lolly Stoddard
J. Susan Cole Stone
Beth Sullivan
Tony Sullivan
Linda Talerico
Peggy Traskos
Richard Traskos
Susan C. Van Winkle
Melissa Verdier
Melanie G. Watrous
Rosemary Webber
Cathy Weiss
Ann D. Williams
Linda Edgar-Yost