Arts & Crafts from Home


Projects for adults and kids to enjoy at home!





Arts and Crafts Activities

Popsicle Stick Art

Bouquet of Flowers

Shaving Cream Art

Repurposed Famous Figures

Circle Starbursts

Styrofoam Prints

Fairy Houses


Pool Noodle Boats

Pointing to Spring

Oil and Water Bubble Painting

Tissue Box Monsters

Abstract Nylon Sculptures


DIY Scratch- boards

Process Art

Blackout Poetry

Mindful Art

Signs of Change

“Salty” Art

Art Inspired by Peter Reynolds

Nature Journaling

Paper Mache Art

Decoupage Art

African Kente Cloth Weaving

Color Wheel


Shadow Tracing

Art and Music

Art of Winter Solstice

Celebration Elves

Cardboard Relief Sculptures

Toothpaste Batik

Women’s Day 

Magritte Inspired

Tile Art


Polymer Eggs

Fabric Bowls

Earth Day Inspired Sculpture

Faux Florals



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MMoA Artists Share: Art Projects with Lavanya

“As a teacher, I believe that it is important for children to develop a positive attitude and appreciation towards other cultures. Among the varied art techniques that I teach my students are art-forms related to culture from around the world such as Rangoli, Henna, Madhubhani Art, Kundan art, Meenakari Art, Dot Painting, Mandala Art, Mosaics, and Tinga Tinga Art.”

Check out her video tutorials on her ‘MMoA Artists Share’ page!

1.  Creating a Padma Mandala
2.  Multicultural Cooking for Children
3.  Rangoli Art & History
4.  Paisley Peacock
5.   The Decorated Peruvian Llama
6.   Celestial Vibrance

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Sketchbook Activities

Grab a pencil, crayon, or marker. Get a couple of pieces of paper. And then enjoy these “quick art” activities.

Thirty ideas to inspire your imagination- DRAWING PROMPTS



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