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A century ago, the Mystic River Bascule Bridge was the first of its kind in the country. Today Mystic’s bridge is the oldest still in operation. The throngs of spectators present at the bridge’s opening on July 19, 1922, could not possibly have imagined the communities it still serves in 2022. A speech marking the event expressed the hope that, in addition to connecting the Town of Groton with the Town of Stonington, the bridge would also “bind them together with a closer community spirit, which would lead to future developments little dreamt of a few years ago.”

In honor of this iconic bridge’s centennial—and culminating its year of narrative art—Mystic Museum of Art (MMoA) announces its 2022 regional exhibition theme, BUILDING BRIDGES.

Building bridges connects disparate people or groups, collapsing the distance between them and providing common ground. In the same way, art can bridge the gaps between people, opening us up to each other and making room for empathy, discovery, and simple observation. MMoA invites artists to connect disparate elements in their art: reality and imagination, for example, or divergent partisan opinions, or new media and traditional techniques. This call to artists is open to all media, including photography.

Entry forms may be filled out and submitted online prior to delivery dates of September 25 and 26. Artists are encouraged to draft a short statement (100 words or less) of their interpretation of the exhibition theme to be included on the labels of accepted works.