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June 15, 2013
August 30, 2013
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Poetry of the Wild / Mystic

On June 15, eleven poetry boxes were installed throughout the town of Mystic for the Poetry of the Wild / Mystic Installation. This will be the last stop of Poetry of the Wild in its tour through southeastern Connecticut. The Mystic installation features entirely the voices of local poets; many of the makers of the boxes also did their own poems, included is a prolific young poet, Lucy Turner. Lucy is only ten years old and one of triplets.

Seeking out the poetry boxes will encourage walkers to explore the town inside and out, seeing it through the perspectives of poets and artists who know it intimately. Along the way, one will discover favorite local haunts: the Bank Square Bookstore, the popular ice cream store on the bridge, a river walk behind the Mystic Museum of Art, the Mystic Seaport, as well as refuges just outside the town limits. These refuges include: The Peace Sanctuary, overlooking the Mystic River, the Dennison Homestead, and Haley Farm.

The installation will continue through August 30. for For more information call the Mystic Museum of Art at: 860. 536.7601 or visit  https://www.facebook.com/PoetryoftheWild.

List of Sites

1. Mystic Seaport 
Poem: Joanie DiMartino  Box: Jon Day
Location: Visitor Overlook, next to the Maritime Art Gallery
(no admission required)

2. Mystic Noank Library 
Poem: Carol Watson  Box: Carol and Steve Watson
Location: By outdoor bench

3. The Mystic Drawbrige Ice Cream
Poem and box: Michael Gore
Location: Inside shop

4. Ender’s Island 
Poem and box: Helen Kane
Location: By Seaside Chapel

5. The High Street Gallery/Studio 
Poems and Box: Sadie Davidson DeVore
Location: 137 High Street

6. Mystic Museum of Art 
Poem and box: Dan Potter
Location: Old tree with hollow

7. Mystic Museum of Art 
Poem: Lucy Turner  Box: Turner Family
Location: Along river walk

8. Bank Square Books 
Poem and box: Mili Ebbin
Location: Inside store

9. Denison Homestead
Haiku and box: Sally Motycka
Location: Garden with large shell fountain

10. Haley Farm 
Poem: Lili Kane  Box: Syma Ebbin, Michael Kane
Location: By edge of pond

11. The Peace Sanctuary
Poem and box: Sean Kane
Location: Entrance to park

Poetry of the Wild Postcard with List of Sites PDF

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