Many of the pieces on display in the current Members/Elected Artists Exhibition are available to purchase through the artist. MMoA takes no commission on these sales, meaning 100% of the purchase supports the artist.

To inquire about work in this show, or other works by that particular artist, please consult the list below.


Jillian Barber
Charles F. Barbour
Brigitte Brocato
William Butcher – Email
Jill Abele Butcher
Joan Carew – Email
Carol Connor
Sylvia Cooke
Mary Danenberg
Rita Dawley – Email|
Diane Dauz-Bassin
Carol Dunn
Carole Erdman
Mary Gazda
Blaney Harris
Will Holub
Eric Hovermale
Sunil Howlader
Peter Hussey
Alison C. Ives
Deborah Kotchen
Daniel Lake
Rafael Lino – Email
Catherine Radix Mansell
Howard Margules
Yvonne Masters
Charles McCaughtry
Priscilla McIntrye
Marilyn McShane Levine
Lisa Miceli
*Timothy Mockler
Joan Mullins
Paul M. Murray – Email
Nancy Nielsen
Nancy Oates
Raymond O’Connell
Julie O’Connor
Linda J. Ouellette
Kathleen Page
Susan Parish
Howard Park
Charles Perini
Lori Rembetski
Scott Rhoades
R Douglass Rice – Email
Diana Rogers
Olivia Ann Rolston
Nick Salerno
Beryl Salinger Schmitt
Charles I. Shaw – Email
Anna D. Shaw
Lucia Sokol – Email
Laura Stanley
Nina Stimson
Laura Stroebel
Beth Sullivan
John Sutphen
Linda Talerico
Peggy Traskos – Email
Richard Traskos – Email
Matson Vollers
Rosemary Webber – Email
Cathy Weiss
Seth Weiss
Will Holub
Vivian F. Zoe


*= A phone number available upon request for this artist at the front desk