Many of the pieces on display in the current Building Bridges exhibition are available to purchase through the artist. MMoA takes no commission on these sales, meaning 100% of the purchase supports the artist.

To inquire about work in this show, or other works by that particular artist, please consult the list below.

Lisa Lyman Adams
Glynis J. Blanker [instagram]
William Butcher
Jill Abele Butcher [email]
Joshua Cave
Diane Dauz-Bassin
Carol Dunn [*]
Carole Erdman [*]
Will Holub
Sunil Howlader
Margaret von Kleist Emond
Lucien Flotte [email]
Beth Gaucher [*]
Carol Giese [*]
Christine Kelly [*]
Henie Kurzman [email]
Daniel Lake
Jeff Lodge
John W. Malenda [email]
Charles McCaughtry
Lisa Miceli
Gustaf Miller
Janvier Miller [email]
Joan Mullins
Paul M. Murray [email]
Peter Norwood
Nancy Oates [email]
Raymond O’Connell [email]
Colleen O’Connor [email]
Linda J. Ouellette
Howard Park
Anne B. Pierson [*]
Scott E. Rhoades
Randy Richards
Diana Rogers
Olivia Ann Rolston [email]
Paul Sikorski [email]
Lucia Sokol [email]
Cathy and Seth Weiss
Millie White
Ann D. Williams [email]



[*]= A phone number available upon request for this artist at the front desk