Lorinda Dudley, Yard New London Road

Lorinda Dudley (1845-1930)
Founding Member
Yard, New London Road
Oil on linen
Mystic Museum of Art Permanent Collection
Donated by John Sanquedolce

Lorinda Dudley was one of the founding members of the Mystic Art Association (MAA) in 1913. Her name appears in the minutes for the first-ever MAA meeting, on April 23, 1914. The meeting minutes span only two pieces of paper, and note that George Albert Thompson and Charles H. Davis were tasked with working with artists to coordinate the first annual MAA exhibition, while “the ladies of the Committee were asked to make arrangements for serving afternoon te[sic]”

Lorinda was a member of a prominent Mystic family—her father, Lyman Dudley, owned a forge and supplied metal work for the busy ship-building industry. Lorinda went to Paris as a young woman to study the craft of painting on china, and upon her return she set up a studio in the bay window of the family house overlooking Water Street here in downtown Mystic. This house was later owned by artist Paul Lowell White (1917-1997), and painted by Otto E. Liebig (1918-2008); both are included in this exhibition.

Lorinda never married, and lived at the family home with her widowed brother, Julius, and their live-in French-Canadian maid, Mary Anne “Annie” Deveau Comeau (John Sanquedolce, who donated this painting, is Annie’s grandson). Lorinda and Julius were so fond of Annie that they retained her services even after she married and began a family of her own, even eventually leaving their house to her.