Herbert Morton Stoops (1887-1948)
Untitled, undated. Oil on canvas

Herbert Morton Stoops (1887-1948)
Oil on canvas
Mystic Museum of Art Permanent Collection
Donated by Mrs. Nancy Horn Soderberg

Stoops discovered Mystic and the art colony located here through his friendship with Lester Boronda (1885-1952). Stoops established a summer home on Money Point on Mason’s Island, where he became friendly with other New York artists like Y.E. Soderberg (1896-1973), Garrett Price (1882-1979) and Harve Stein (1904-1996); all of whom were active and important members of the-then Mystic Art Association, and all of whom are also included in this exhibition.

Many of the Museum’s members, past and present, have enjoyed sailing on the Mystic River and in Fisher’s Island Sound. This painting, donated by the widow of Y.E. Soderberg, depicts Soderberg himself on the transom of the sailboat, his ever-present pipe in his mouth. The identity of man at the tiller in the foreground is less clear; Nancy Horn Soderberg believed him to be fellow artist Harve Stein when she donated this piece to the Museum’s permanent collection, but he could also be Stoops’ youngest brother, Bob.