Ruth L. Sussler (1928-2020)
Tabletop Garden, 2004. Oil on canvas

Ruth L. Sussler (1928-2020)
Tabletop Garden
Elected Artist
Oil on canvas
Mystic Museum of Art Permanent Collection
Donated by Ruth L. Sussler

The daughter of commercial artist and magazine illustrator Philip Lyford, Sussler was exposed to art from a young age and gravitated towards the aestheics and flat planes of early American folk art. She was a student of Josef Albers and Jean Charlot, attended Black Mountain College
in North Carolina, and received a BFA from Bennington College in visual arts.

A professional painter since 1950, Sussler focused on florals and still life arrangements, portraits, landscapes, shorescapes, and domestic interiors. She won awards in juried shows—Tabletop Garden received first prize in MMoA’s 2002 Regional Show, for example—and her work is represented in the collections
of regional museums such as MMoA and the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich, Connecticut.