Ever wondered how fashion designers sketch out their ideas? Many people dream of being designers and have wonderful ideas, but don’t feel they have the skill set to put these ideas down on paper. Cristina Ruales believes anyone can and it just takes practice and dedication.

Join Cristina at the Mystic Museum of Art as she guides you through the first steps to begin your journey as a designer.  Cristina believes anyone can draw and at the Mystic Museum of Art we invite you to take this opportunity to let you inner designer flourish.  Mostly using pencil and paper with some Gouache and/or markers, we will focus mostly on the drawing, process and completing a collection. You will learn proportion, sketching, and all the basic skills needed to create your own fashion illustrations.  Finish up the class with a collection of your own to show friends and family.  Learn how the industry creates a cohesive collection and use your inspiration to go from an idea on paper to a garment that is ready to market. You will learn what a “FLAT” drawing is, how it is used to communicate the details of your design, and how to sketch one yourself. Work with color stories and themes to show off your beautiful ideas.

With Cristina’s experience designing for companies such as DKNY and other runway brands, you will be in great hands as you navigate through a fun course and experience the first steps in honing your design skills or begin your design study.A new transplant to the area from NYC she comes ready to share all of her experience. She taught this course at Parsons School of Design and now you can learn here at MMoA.

We also are happy to share Cristina will be our Studio Manager at the MMoA. To learn more about Cristina and her work visit cristinaruales.com.

Open to beginners or advanced artists. For those with Photoshop or Illustrator experience, these can also be used.