2019 Spring and Summer

Adult Studio Programs 

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Monitored Figure Drawing & Painting
Tom Frohnapfel, Monitor
Weekly sessions offer the opportunity to maintain and improve drawing and painting skills working from a live model. Enjoy a relaxed, supportive atmosphere with no instruction apart from the guidance and encouragement of other artists.

Tuesdays, 6pm – 9pm
May 7 – August 27
Members $15 / Non-members $20 per class

*Drop-ins are welcome.


Sketchbook Journaling
Lisa Lyman Adams
Sketchbooks offer more than just an opportunity to practice techniques and get down ideas; they are a wonderful way to creatively record your thoughts, your feelings, and your life. Pages can be beautiful in their simplicity, take on the aesthetic of a polished piece, or offer the chance to quickly capture the moment without any pressure. Through weekly drawing prompts, your visual journal will become a creative document of exploration and a non-judgemental record of the world around you.

Wednesdays, 6:30 -8pm
May 15 – June 12
Members $105 / Non-members $128


Figure Drawing
Jack Montmeat
The human form is endless in its variation and possibilities. Working with your choice of material, students will explore the techniques of figure drawing with individualized direction. Specific classroom exercises focus on visual analysis and the techniques needed for expressive 2D form that employ line, tone, mass, and illusionistic space. A model will be provided each week. The class does not assume any prior experience and is designed to cater to a range of levels.

Thursdays, 6pm – 8:30pm
May 2 – May 30
August 1 – 29
Members $170 / Non-members $205


Drawing with Colored Pencils
Susan Stone
Experience the full potential of this extraordinary medium and learn techniques for creating skillful drawings. Through demonstrations and weekly lessons, learn topics such as use of pressure, types of stokes, color layering, blending and under-painting techniques, capturing the most vibrant colors, and creating various textures. These applications are appropriate for fine drawings, book illustrations, handmade cards, or other pursuits. Objects and references will be provided. You may also wish to bring your own.

Mondays, 6pm – 8pm
July 22 – August 19
Members $140 / Non-members $170



Howard Park
As much as we usually enjoy the process of creating art, it is still “art-WORK” after all and there are inevitably moments when enjoyment turns to frustration when something doesn’t meet our expectations. This class is designed to assist both the beginner through accomplished painter to advance their skills, try out a new technique, or offer support and guidance in branching out into a new medium or style. Students working in oil, acrylic, pastel, or watercolor are welcome.

Wednesdays, 9am – 12pm
May 1 – May 29
Members $205 / Non-members $250


Realistic Watercolor via Transparent Washes
Jennifer Littleton
Have you ever wondered how watercolor artists create atmospheric perspective or how they layer washes to create more intense colors and values? Through discussions, demonstrations, and practice, students will learn from our special guest artist, J.M. Littleton, as she reveals her process. Although Jennifer’s focus is on wildlife in her own work, the realistic techniques she teaches are applicable for all subject matter including still life, landscape, figure, portrait, and marine painting. Students of all abilities will be inspired and revitalized. This is also an excellent opportunity for watercolor instructors to learn new demonstrations and techniques to pass on to their students. Jennifer Littleton is a member of both the American and National Watercolor Societies. You can learn more about her at: www.littletonart.com

Saturday and Sunday, May 4 & 5, 10am – 4pm
Members $225 / Non-member $250
*Students must notify MMoA of cancellation by Monday, April 29th or else no refund will be issued.


Chinese Brushwork
Eva Leong
Sometimes something very simple can create a profound statement. The essence of Chinese Brushwork requires mindfulness and discipline to yield an awakening of imagination and spirit. Through twists, rolls, presses, releases, drags, and dots, the brush produces a flower’s curling petal, a butterfly in flight, a fish gliding through water, or the precipitous drop of a waterfall tumbling down a mountain side. Through demonstrations and guided instruction, traditional Chinese watercolor techniques will be explored and practiced. All levels of ability are welcome.

Mondays, 10am – 12am
May 6 – June 10 (no class May 27)
Members $140 / Non-members $170


Photo to Canvas
Sarah Stifler Lucas
Bring your favorite photographs and learn how to create a work of art from them in acrylic or oils. Instructor demonstrations focus on design, composition, and value. Previous painting experience recommended.

Wednesdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
May 8 – June 12 (no class May 22)
Members $140 / Non-members $170

Thursdays, 9:30am – 12:30pm
May 9 – June 13 (no class May 23)
Members $205 / Non-members $250


Watercolor Essentials
Lisa Lyman Adams
Explore the medium of watercolor by working from still lifes and other reference materials. Learn painting set-up skills and improve your drawing skills. Composition and techniques for layering colors and creating light and shadow will be taught and applied to stationary and moving objects, including water, skin, and cloth. Some drawing experience recommended.

Thursdays, 6pm – 8pm
May 30 – June 27
Members $140 / Non-members $170


Portrait Painting
Jack Montmeat
Gain understanding of how to conceptualize and construct a portrait painting working from a live model. Explore techniques such as proportions, anatomical structures, features, and likeness to develop realistic and expressive portraits. Students may choose to work in either oils or acrylics.

Thursdays, 6pm – 8:30 pm
June 6 – July 11 (*no class July 4)
Members $170 / Non-members $205


Chinese Watercolor
Eva Leong
This one day workshop will introduce both basic and advanced techniques of Chinese brush painting. Taking inspiration from nature, students will experience traditional materials and tools to create a beautifully evocative painting capturing the spirit or qi (chi) of the subject.

Saturday, June 8
9am – 12pm

Monday, July 29
6pm – 9pm
Members $50 / Non-members $60


All Hands On Canvas!
Howard Park
Painting boats is a delicate balance of realistic accuracy and expressive qualities. This two-day workshop will teach you how to render the structure and challenging form of a boat and its relationship to the surrounding water. Added details such as rigging and the inclusion of a figure to add scale to your work will be explored.

Wednesday & Thursday, 6pm – 9pm
June 26 and June 27
Member $100 / Non-members $120


Landscapes in a Flash
Howard Park
Quickly capture a scene in oils or acrylic using rapid and minimal brush strokes. Develop compositions based on simple placement rules focusing on contrast and expression. Learn to use a limited palette to minimize mixing and matching of values, tones, highlights, and local color. Techniques and demonstrations used in this course are applicable for plein air painters or indoor painters working from photographs.

Wednesdays, 6pm – 9pm
July 10 – August 7
Members $205 / Non-members $250


Line & Wash
Howard Park
Learn to record events and experiences as they happen. Gain simple tools for making quick sketches with pen and watercolor. These sketches can serve as studies for later paintings or as records of experiences. Learn to develop lines, forms, and values working from photographs, personal objects, or from the classroom environment itself.

Saturday, July 13
9am – 12pm

Wednesday, August 21
6pm – 9pm
Members $50 / Non-members $60




Digital Photography
Brenda De Los Santos
Learn the basics of digital photography including composition, exposure, white balance, and depth of field, using your digital SLR or point-and-shoot camera with manual capabilities. Discover how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work together to create an image. Topics covered include nature, portrait, and action photography. A digital camera with full manual controls is required.

Tuesdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
June 4 – July 2
Members $140 / Non-members $170


Photo Editing
Brenda De Los Santos
Learning to use your camera is just one piece of the puzzle – learning to process your digital images will take a good image to a great one! This class will introduce you to photo editing software and techniques, using Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom, and shooting in RAW file format. The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan is required for this class – you can sign up for this plan for a $10/month at www.adobe.com. A computer with Adobe Photoshop equipped with Adobe Bridge and Lightroom Classic must be installed prior to coming to class.

Tuesdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
July 16 – August 13
Members $140 / Non-members $170


Language of Light
Harold Shapiro
Learn how to use your portable flash in creative & beautiful ways. This workshop will ease your fear of the flash and help you to see its incredible usefulness. Following a discussion and demonstration, students can try their new skills. A digital single lens reflex (SLR) or mirrorless camera with external flash recommended. A walking field trip around town will follow our discussion.

Thursday, June 6
6pm – 9pm
Members $50 / Non-members $60


Composition – Putting it all Together!
Harold Shapiro
How we place our subjects has an enormous impact on the effectiveness of our photographs. The relationships of elements, arranged using careful thought, can bring sophistication to our images. A walking field trip around town will follow our discussion.

Wednesday, August 14
6pm – 9pm
Members $50 / Non-members $60


Personalized Programs

Open Studios
Bring your own materials and enjoy working in a relaxed studio environment.

Mondays, May 6 – June 10, 1pm – 4pm. Free.
*No open studio on May 27th.


Private Instruction with MMoA Faculty
Private lessons for beginning and intermediate artists of all ages offer individual guidance in a variety of media. A unique curriculum created for you personally can help with technical skills and artistic development. Contact the Education Department for information and scheduling.