Fall Studio Programs / Adult

Teenagers are welcome in adult classes. Unless otherwise specified, classes are designed for beginning and intermediate levels.
Classes running more than three hours will break for lunch around noon.

Unless otherwise specified, classes are designed for beginning and intermediate levels. Most classes require students to bring their own materials. Supply lists can be found on our website.



Monitored Figure Drawing & Painting
Tom Frohnapfel, Monitor

Weekly sessions offer the opportunity to maintain and improve drawing and painting skills in a relaxed atmosphere with no instruction. A live model is provided each week. Pre-registration strongly suggested.

Tuesdays, 6pm – 9pm
September 4 – December 18 (no class 11/ 27)
Members $15 / Public $20 per class
*Please note: We recommend calling MMoA before you drop in to a class; there is no guarantee that the class will be running otherwise.
Download supply list here


Nuts & Bolts of Drawing
Lisa Lyman Adams

Develop your ability to draw realistically. Learn the basics, including set up, composition, observation skills, and techniques to sharpen your accuracy in graphite drawing. Gain knowledge of the physics of shadows and light sources, measuring distances accurately, and how to render a variety of shading techniques to achieve different textures.

Wednesdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
September 26 – October 24
Members $130 / Public $160


Introduction to Portrait Drawing
Jack Montmeat

The human face is endless in its variation and possibilities. Working from quick studies and longer poses, students will systematically learn the “landscape” of the human face. Systematically learn the steps for capturing accurate anatomical features, hone your fundamental drawing techniques, and develop observational skills. Weekly demonstrations and drills will train students to see proportions, planes, and values. A model will be provided each week.

Thursdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
September 27 – October 25
Members $160 / Public $190


Classical Drawing
Jack Montmeat

Learn the classical way to draw realistically as it has been taught for centuries. Working with charcoal and pencil, students will learn the skill set of the great masters. Using the Bargue Method, students will practice copying a reference as accurately as possible. Further advance your skills using plaster cast reproductions and various other still life compositions to observe seeing distances, lengths and angles as well as how light hits the surface.

Thursday, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
November 1 – December 13 (no class November 22, November 29)
Members $130 / Public $160


Introduction to Fashion Illustration
Cristina Ruales

Have you ever dreamed of being a fashion designer? It all begins with your inspiration translated on paper. There are many steps involved in this phase of design. Learn the process that all professional fashion designers embark upon when starting a piece. We will explore sketch techniques that are unique to fashion: proportions, movement, fabrics, manipulation of construction, and editing. Learn from a highly acclaimed New York Fashion Week designer and Parsons instructor to help you present your ideas in visual form.

Mondays, 6pm – 9pm
November 5 – December 10 (no class November 26)
Members $195 / Public $240




Photo to Canvas
Sarah Stifler Lucas

Bring your favorite photographs and learn how to create a work of art in acrylic or oils. Instructor demonstrations focus on design, composition and value. Previous painting experience recommended.

Wednesdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Session 1: September 5 – September 26
Members $104 / Public $128 (4 week)

Session 2: October 17 – November 14
Members $130 / Public $160 (5 week)

Session 3: December 5 – 19
Members $78/ Public $96 (3 week)
Thursdays, 9:30am – 12:30pm

Session 1: September 6 – 27
Members $156 / Public $192

Session 2: October 18 – November 15
Members $195 / Public $240

Session 3: December 6 – 20
Members $117 / Public $144


Sand, Sea, and Sky
Howard Park

Have you always wanted to paint great looking seascapes with lots of depth and atmosphere? Or learn how to paint a crashing wave or accurately render the proportions of a sailboat? What better place to capture the nautical spirit than in Mystic? This class will cover the basic principles of painting with regard to seascapes, coastlines, and boats. Students are welcome to paint in either oils or acrylics.

Wednesdays, 9am – 12pm
September 19 – October 24
Members $195 / Public $240


Chinese Brushwork
Eva Leong

Sometimes something so simple can create a profound statement. Through twists, rolls, presses, releases, drags, and dots, the brush produces a flower’s curling petal, a butterfly in flight, a fish gliding through water, or the precipitous drop of a waterfall tumbling down a mountain side. Traditional Chinese watercolor techniques will be demonstrated, explored, and practiced.

Mondays, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
October 1 – October 29
Members $130 / Public $160


The Abstract Landscape
Howard Park

Bring a sense of spontaneity to your art as you free yourself and explore landscape painting in an emotionally expressive way. This course tackles the abstract language, strategies, and skills to create a personal and convincing work of art. Experiment with different concepts and techniques using your choice of acrylics or oils.

Mondays, 6pm – 9pm
October 1 – October 29
Members $195 / Public $240


Botanical Still Lifes
Lisa Lyman Adams

Working in watercolors, students learn the skills for accurately rendering a floral still life. Basic classical painting concepts will be explored as well as techniques specific to this genre such as composition, using a tonal value range to create depth and dimension, focal point development, color harmony, highlighting, and shading.

Mondays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
October 15 – November 12
Members $130 / Public $160


Still Life Painting
Dan Truth

This class focuses on realism using Classical teaching styles and methods. Students will learn how to capture on canvas what our eyes observe. Instruction will focus on preparing a canvas, composition, underpainting, and layering techniques. Students will better understand the complexities of color mixing, creating luminosity, and realistically rendering the qualities of the visual elements. Students are welcome to work in oils or acrylics.

Saturdays, 9:30am – 12:30pm
October 23 – November 20
Members $195 / Public $240


Palette Knife Techniques
Howard Park

Learn to make a variety of marks using a palette knife, adding contrast and dimension to your canvases. Palette painting can be an easy, rewarding way to cover a lot of ground in portraits, still lifes, or landscapes. Repeat students can hone their skills.

Monday, 6pm – 9pm
November 19
Members $40 / Public $50


Basic Color-Mixing
Howard Park

Learn simple techniques for mixing colors, matching hues and determining values of hues, expanding beyond a standard color wheel. Balance colors to make your paintings more harmonious. Practice using your new color wheel to create rapidly a series of small paintings. This is a foundational class appropriate for painters of all levels and styles, working in acrylic or oils.

Thursday, 6pm – 9pm
December 13
Members $40 / Public $50




Digital Photography
Brenda De Los Santos

Learn the basics of digital photography including composition, exposure, white balance, and depth of field using your digital SLR or point-and-shoot camera with manual capabilities. Discover how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work together to create an image. Topics covered include nature, portrait, and action photography. A digital camera with full manual controls is required.

Tuesdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
September 25 – October 23
Members $130 / Public $160

Photo Editing

Brenda De Los Santos

Learning to use your camera is just one piece of the puzzle – learning to process your digital images will take a good image to a great one! This class will introduce you to photo editing software and techniques, using Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom and shooting in RAW file format. A recent version of Photoshop (Elements 9 or newer or Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan) installed on a laptop is required for these classes. You can sign up for the Adobe Photography plan for a $10/month at www.adobe.com. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge must be installed prior to coming to class.

Tuesdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
October 30 – December 4 (no class 11/ 27)
Members $130 / Public $160


Personalized Programs


Open Studios

Bring your own materials and enjoy working in a relaxed studio environment.

Mondays, May – June 18, 1pm – 4pm. Free. No open studio on May 28.


Private Instruction with MAC Faculty

Private lessons for beginning and intermediate artists of all ages offer individual guidance in a variety of media. A unique curriculum created for you personally can help with technical skills and artistic development.

Contact the Education Department for information and scheduling:
Phone: 860.536.7601 x 213
Email: MAddison@MysticMuseumofArt.org

Ways to Save


Early Bird Discount

Participants may request $10 off any class $100 or more when registering at least three weeks before start date.

Refer a Friend

Participants may refer a friend to any class and both will receive $15 off registration fees of $75 or higher. Both parties must register before discount is applied and register for classes running during the same session. The friend must be a newcomer to MMOA classes.

The Two-Fer

Any student signing for two classes during the same session will receive $15 off his or her 2nd class (both classes must be $100 or more).

Only one discount may be applied and must be requested at the time of registration.

Art for All Scholarships

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