Pop-Up Studio (Grades Pre-K – 12)

Can’t make it to the MMoA? MMoA will come to your classroom!  MMoA educators help students make critical observations about artworks and the creative process and each student creates an artwork of his or her own. An artist, medium or theme is the focus of each program.

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Grades Pre-K-2

Art and the Five Senses: Art materials are tactile, edible, scented or all of the above!
Home-made Clay & Paints: Students create their own paint or clay using household ingredients.
Nature-made Art: Students use materials from nature and the natural elements to create artworks.
Weather & Art : Students explore the colors, shapes, and textures representative of each season.
Yoga & Art: Children build strength, independence, and creativity through the practice of yoga poses, art activities and relaxation techniques.

Grades 2 & up
Art Around the World: Students learn a traditional art form from across the globe.
Anime or Cartooning: Students develop characters and draw them in the traditional style using pen and paper.
Drawing & Painting: Fundamental skills and media are explored.
Graphic Novel (5 class minimum): Students develop a fiction or non-fiction story accompanied by comic-style drawing.
Master Artists: Students learn more about a famous artist by using his or her techniques or ideas.
Nature-made Art: Students use materials from nature and the natural elements to create artworks.
Print-making: Students learn how to design printing plates and to print multiple artworks from them.
Recycled Art: Students transform trash to treasure.
Sculpture: Students learn to conceive ideas and build in three dimensions.

Scheduling Your Pop Up Studio Program

Class length: 1-hour. Topics above can be explored in a single class or as series of five sessions.

Preferred class size: 15 students. Up to 25 students possible with minimum 1 chaperone. Materials provided.

Fee: $125 per 1-hour program. Beyond 10 mile radius: Additional charges may be applied if the distance becomes a factor.

Due to generous donors, select schools may participate in MMoA programs at a reduced or no charge while funds last. Inquire when scheduling as to availability.

Contact the Education Department four weeks in advance to book: 860.536.7601 x211, Education Department.