Abstract Art…. Why?

With Spring comes newness and growth. For many, it’s a time to shed the constraints of the past and welcome a fresh start. We embrace the notion of change- whether it’s changing up your wardrobe or planting fresh flowers to spruce up the appearance of your home. There is an excitement in bringing something new into your life. For many of us artists there is comfort in what we know. Over time a style develops that defines your art. It becomes challenging to venture too far from that comfort zone. But what would happen if your tried creating art in a new way? There are some very compelling reasons to spend time with, or better yet, create abstract art. Our brains process the information in an entirely unique way than how we perceive realistic art. Instead of being given clear information (it’s a tree, a boat, person, etc…) we have been given an image where are brains are forced to interpret. Suddenly the world that we know gets reduced down to form, line, color, and light. There is comfort in things we can easily identify so it makes sense that many might feel intimidated by viewing or creating abstract art and therefore dismiss it.

Like so much in life, what is difficult and challenging is what makes us grow. Abstraction teaches us to look at art in a different way. It forces an imaginative response. It increases our openness and tolerance of what is new and less familiar. It can elicit a powerful emotional response. As artists there is always value in exploring art that makes you express and feel.

For those of you unfamiliar or resistant to abstract art, we challenge you for the benefit of your own personal artistic journey to come and experiment with Howard Park as he guides you through the world of abstract painting.

“It doesn’t make much difference how the paint is put on as long as something has been said. Technique is just a means of arriving at a statement.”  – Jackson Pollock

Sunil Howlader, Crossing the Shadows. Acrylic. MMoA 61st Regional