2019 Fall Studio Programs / Children and Youth

Art ABCs
Ages 3.5 – 5
Expose children to a variety of materials and processes through projects that stimulate imagination and creativity. We offer a supportive and encouraging atmosphere where budding artists will experiment with drawing, painting, and 3D sculpture.

Mondays, 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Members $12 / Non-Members $14 per class
Members $140 / Non-Members $170 when signing up for 14 class series

 Directed Line Instruction
Young artists will learn that there are many ways to make a line and will follow simple instructor guided directions on how they can draw their favorite animals.
September 9

Cutting and Gluing
Learn proper scissor and gluing etiquette and the value of fine motor skills in creating a collage.
September 16

 Primary/ Secondary Colors
Students learn that colors are powerful in that they can produce new colors. Paint a school of multi-colored fishe that showcase a basic color wheel.
September 23

Explore this very important element of art and how lines can be bent and connected to create shapes. Learn the difference between geometric and organic shape and use them to design a cityscape.
September 30

Intro to Watercolors
Get inspired by the beauty of our very own Mystic River and learn basic skills for creating a watercolor painting in the “plein air” style, weather permitting.
October 7

Intro to Sculpture: Clay
We live in a multi-dimensional world where things can be measured with height, width, and length. Hands on exploration with clay will help students develop an understanding of 3-D shapes.
October 14

Free Expression: Inspired by “Sky Color” by Peter H. Reynolds
Today we let loose to simply play and be free with art. Select from an assortment of materials to create something amazing of your choice.
October 21

Intro to Sculpture: Plaster
Students will learn how different cultures throughout history have used ceremonial masks to represent animals, characters, mythical creatures, or natural elements. Explore the process of using an armature to make a plaster mask.
October 28

Modern Art
Create a relief sculpture inspired by the work of Frank Stella using painted cardboard cutouts that reflect many themes of the modern art movement.
November 4

Historical Connection
Today we’ll travel back in time to learn about the ancient Egyptians through an examination of their art and architecture. Create art that exemplifies some of the distinct characteristics found in their monuments, paintings, sculptures, and decorative crafts.
November 11

STEAM based Art
Make cross curriculum art that encourages students to apply logic to the creative process. Explore a variety of experiments that follow the formula of 1) ask a question 2) experiment and test the concept 3) analyze the data.
November 18

There are countless way to represent yourself in art. Look at ways that artists have portrayed themselves and paint your own self-portrait that reflects all the wonderful qualities that make YOU you.
November 25


Recycled Art
Learn the anatomy of one of nature’s most fascinating creatures and make a model from some of the very materials that threaten their habitat — plastic bags and fast food containers.
December 9

Seasonal Connection
Celebrate the Winter Solstice by making festive ornaments that honor the season.
December 16



Art Explorers
Ages 6 – 9
Engage your child’s imagination and interest in art with fun educational projects in drawing, painting, 3D sculpture, and mixed media. Students learn fundamental art concepts and appreciation through art making that further develops creative thinking and self-expression.

Tuesdays, 4:15pm – 5:45pm
Members $18 / Non-Members $20 per class
Members $220 / Non-Members $250 when signing up for 14 class series

Contour Lines… Wire Style
Learn the simplest form of drawing. Experiment with both pencil and wire to begin understanding the importance of line formation and how outlining is the first step to giving our drawings the proper shape and form.
September 10

 Exploring Color
What would art be without color? The proper use of color is powerful and is important for young artists to understand. Explore the basic theories of the color wheel, how to properly mix colors, and the effect certain colors have on our perception.
September 17

Composition… take 3
Students will learn that there are many ways that objects can be arranged on a page and that some compositions are more effective than others. How will you draw a still life 3 different ways?
September 24

Relief Assemblages
Learn about the 20th century artist, Louise Nevelson and the art of “found objects.” Working with an assortment of materials, students will create a relief monochromatic sculpture that reflects Nevelson’s unique style.
October 1

Fibonacci Sequence
Explore the connection between art and math through Fibonacci numbers and create STEAM based art on the principles of this fascinating design concept.
October 8

Mindful Art
Young artists create a vision board using collage techniques. What words and images will speak to your unique personality, your dreams, and your vision of the future?
October 15

Fall Pumpkins: A lesson in value
Understanding the use of light and dark is important to creating a successful drawing. Take your art to the next level by understanding value and how it is used to create the illusion of an object being 3-dimensional.
October 22

Symmetry Creatures
Students learn about symmetry and will reflect on where we see this idea in nature. Using the letters that make up our very own name, students will design a new insect species that reflects the concept of a “mirror image”.
October 29

Van Gogh’s Chair: A lesson in perspective
Explore one point perspective by studying the art of Vincent van Gogh and create a pop out card with your unique decorating skills.
November 5

3D Abstractions
Free yourself by creating sculptural art that reflects form without needing to represent an object or living thing. Explore abstraction through the use of plaster and see all the ways it can be interpreted.
November 12

Historical Connection: Ancient Greece
Travel to antiquity and see examples of Greek art and the important influence the style had on other cultures and time periods. Create art that reflects the design principles that came from this great civilization.
November 19

Op Art: Inspired by Victor Vasareli
Have fun creating optical illusions using shape, color and pattern in a unique way that can play tricks on our eyes.
November 26


Pretty Prints
Printmaking is all about trying different techniques and to see cause and effect in action. Experiment with multiple ways in which prints can be made and design a roll of wrapping paper using your favorite method.
December 10

Seasonal Connection
Using assorted paper and other collage materials, create a winter landscape in honor of the coming season.
December 17



Drawing & Painting Fundamentals
Ages 8 – 12
Lisa Lyman Adams

Working from various sources, including still lifes and other reference material, young artists strengthen their skills in drawing and paint application. Foundational basics like form, color, space and line will be explored. The teacher encourages returning students to advance their abilities and develop their style.

Wednesdays, 4:30pm – 6pm
Session 1: September 18 – October 16
Session 2: October 30 – November 27
Members $85 / Non-Members $100


Ages 13 – 18
Lisa Adams and faculty

Welcome to MMoA’s first Art Club for high-school students and home schoolers! Join us for an empowering, supportive, and encouraging experience once a week where teens can get one-on one guidance in the areas of drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students may use this time to be inspired by the weekly art prompt, create on their own, work on portfolio development, or just relax and socialize in the company of others who appreciate art.

Thursdays 4:00pm – 5:30pm
September 26 – December 19 (*no class December 5)
Members $15 / Non-Members $20 per class


Private Instruction with MMOA Faculty
Private and semi-private lessons for beginning and intermediate artists of all ages offer individual guidance in a variety of media. A unique curriculum created for you personally can help with technical skills and artistic development. Contact the Education Department for information and scheduling.