MMoA Artists Share


Take a look at what our volunteers, KTJ Studios teachers, and Elected Artist members have to share with our community!





Carole Erdman

Acrylic, Oil

Lisa Miceli

Watercolor, Plein Air

Peggy Traskos

Elected Artist



Teachers of KTJ Studios

Lisa Lyman Adams

Elected Artist
Drawing, Illustration

Eva Leong

Chinese Brushwork

Liz Lomax

3D Illustration

Sarah Stifler Lucas

Elected Artist

Hilary Opperman

Mixed Media

Howard Park

Elected Artist
Oil, Plein Air

Lavanya Shubhakar

Drawing, Painting



Elected Artist Members

Brigitte Brocato

Drawing, Painting

Kathleen DeMeo

Printmaking, Mixed Media

Mark Dixon


Marilyn McShane Levine


Howard Margules


Janvier Miller

Potter, Painter


Linda J. Ouellette


Mixed Media

Julia Pavone

Mixed Media

Lori Rembetski

Clay, Ceramics

Randy Richards

Photography, Digital Media

Melissa Verdier


Artists & Bios from Past MMoA solo shows

Life, Death, and In Between
Linda DiFrenna

Aug 23 – Oct 5, 2019

Sunil Howlader Solo Exhibition

Mystical Interactions
Sunil Howlader

Aug 3 – Sep 22, 2018

Lisa Lyman Adams O! Lollipop

Lisa Lyman Adams

Mar 16 – Apr 14, 2018

John Boone... Pairs

Johne Boone

Sep 28 – Nov 11, 2017

Janvier Miller, Chinese Vase, Acrylic on canvas

Fans and Vessels
Janvier Miller

Aug 4 – Sep 16, 2017

Walter Robinson

Sep 29 – Nov 12, 2016



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