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Liebig Gallery

The artists on display in the Liebig Gallery were born between the mid-1930s and today. Many are still living and making art, continuing to adapt art movements to their own purposes.

These artists have witnessed the questioning of art and culture that accelerated throughout the 20th Century in art movements such as Postmodernism and Deconstructivism. In addition to these you will see a broad range of previously explored influences: the convention of Neoclassical representation, the clean lines of Art Deco, and the abstracted, colorful bursts of Fauvism.

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Postmodernism (mid-20th Century)

Postmodernism can be seen as a reaction against the ideas and values of modernism, which was grounded in the belief in progress, and alignment with the experience of modern industrial life. Postmodernism is associated with skepticism, irony, and philosophical critiques of the concepts of universal truths and objective reality.

Tom Hahn (20th Century), The Cross, undated. Black and white photograph






Deconstructivism (late 20th Century)

Defined in contrast to Russian Constructivism, Deconstructivism is a postmodern movement, most fully expressed in architecture, which appeared in the 1980s. It gives the impression of the fragmentation of the constructed building. It is characterized by an absence of harmony, continuity, or symmetry. Deconstructivist architects include Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind.

David Suydam (20th Century), I Long to be Close to You, early 1970s. Clay







Eagle-eyed readers might notice that some of the artists on display in this gallery were born earlier than their neighbors. MMoA is constantly researching our permanent collection and updating Museum records with new information. In some of these artists’ cases not only is their work undated, but there were no records of their birth years in the Museum’s archives. These mysterious artists were placed in general time periods by following the visual clues represented in their work, reinforcing the endurance of the artistic influences explored in this exhibition.
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