A full selection of studio programs for children and adults will be offered beginning January 2022. Please call MMoA to register: 860.536.7601

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Studio Programs / Winter 2022 / Children and Youth

Art ABCs
Ages 3.5 – 5
Jerelyn Smestad
Expose children to a variety of materials and processes through projects that stimulate imagination and creativity. We offer a supportive and encouraging atmosphere where budding artists will experiment with drawing, painting, and 3D sculpture.

Mondays, 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Members $12 / Non-member $15 per class
Members $150 / Non-member $180 when signing up for the full 15 class series

Art Explorers
Ages 6 – 9

D Derek

Creating Art From Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

Stretch your imagination. Be inspired. Be moved. This class inspires young adults to new art processes and techniques by exploring a diverse group of cultural artists who are astounding attendance at the world’s top art museums. Ever wondered how Yayoi Kusama, Takushi Murak or Picasso made masterpieces? Learn the biographies of a range of artist’s lives, the events that transpired around the time they came to fame, and then create your own interpretation of their art! Engage your youth’s imagination and interest in art with fun educational projects in drawing, painting, 3D sculpture, and mixed media. Students learn primary art concepts and appreciation through art making that further develops creative thinking and self-expression.

Tuesdays, 4:15pm – 5:45pm
Members $16 / Non-Member $19 per class
Members $210 / Non-Member $240 when signing up for the full 15 class series

Wonders of Winter
Ages 3 – 5
Lisa Viele
Experience all the many magical sights, sounds, and senses that the season of Winter brings to us. Using a variety of 2 and 3-dimensional mediums, students will explore themes such as weather, animals and landscapes by engaging in fun, open-ended, process-based art projects.

Saturdays, 9am – 10:30am
January 29 – February 26

Members $110 / Non-members $130


Mixed Media Studio
Ages 6 – 9
Lauren Kopina
Imagine, create, and enjoy! This class is designed to engage imagination and foster the creative expression of young artists while developing art-making skills. Students will explore and gain confidence using a range of art materials such as watercolor, collage, printmaking, pastel and more.

Saturdays, 9am – 10:30am
January 29 – February 26

Members $110 / Non-member $130


Drawing & Painting Fundamentals
Ages 8 – 12
Lisa Lyman Adams
Working from various sources, including still lifes and other reference material, young artists strengthen their skills in drawing and paint application. Foundational basics like form, color, space and line will be explored. The teacher encourages returning students to advance their abilities and develop their style.

Wednesdays, 4:30pm – 6pm
Session 1: January 19 – February 16
Session 2: March 16 – April 13

Members $110 / Non-member $130


Exploring charcoal
Ages 13 – 17
Marissa Asal
Oh, the many things one could do with a little burnt wood. Working from in-class still lifes and portrait photographs, students will be exploring light, value, composition, and surfaces as well as experimental textures and techniques as we deep dive into the world of charcoal. Each class will feature class demonstrations and one-on-one instruction to help students discover their individual styles. All skill levels are invited.

Wednesdays, 4pm – 6pm
January 19th – February 16th

Members $130 / $150


Portfolio Preparation
Ages 14 – 18
Tom Frohnapfel
This class is designed for students planning on applying to art and design schools, beyond the high school level. Building on completed pieces and those that are in progress, this class will focus on creating new works to add to your portfolio while deciding which to subtract. Along with class critiques and demonstrations, three pieces minimum will be created to include a still life, architectural drawing, and one figure study.

Tuesdays, 4pm – 6pm
February 22 – March 29 (6 weeks) 

Member $150 / Non-member $180


Studio Programs / Winter 2022 / Adult


Open Studio Mixed Media Figure
Tom Frohnapfel, Monitor

From academic to abstract, pencil on paper to oil on canvas, highly rendered to expression driven, this program allows you to follow your path at your own pace. It is a great opportunity for all level artists to get-together and create in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Open Studio at MMoA is a fun way to retain and advance your visual art passions while working with a live model each week.

Tuesdays, 6pm – 9pm
January 11 – April 26

Members $12 / Public $15 per class
*No registration required; drop-ins are welcome

Members $10 / Public $12 when signing up for 6 or more classes.


Art Start
Rob Reas
Often the hardest part of being creative is getting started. This program will help you overcome that hurdle and let loose in a fun, supportive, and inspiring environment. Using simple materials, you will be guided through weekly creative exercises to create one of a kind art. Whether you’re looking to overcome a creative block, explore a new style, or just enjoy the company of other artistically minded new friends, this class will have you appreciating your own creative imagination. Let’s get creative together!

Thursdays, 6:30pm – 8pm
January 27 – February 24

Member $120 / Non-Member $150


Figure Drawing
Jack Montmeat
The human form is endless in its variation and possibilities. Working with your choice of material, students will explore the techniques of figure drawing with individualized direction. Specific classroom exercises focus on visual analysis and the skills needed for expressive 2D form such as line, tone, mass and illusionistic space. A model will be provided each week. The class does not assume any prior experience and is designed to cater to a range of levels.

Thursdays, 6pm – 8:30pm
January 27 – February 24

Members $220 / Non-members $260
*Plus an additional model fee of $50


Explorations in Drawing
Jerelyn Abicca-Smestad
Perhaps you have always wanted to try a new medium or further develop your confidence in a particular area. Or maybe you have never even picked up a pencil! This class will offer a wide range of instruction in various drawing mediums, including, graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, pastel and even watercolor. Build a more extensive understanding of the mediums listed above, or have fun trying something new. This course is all about being creative and exploring the inner artist that is within all of us.

Thursdays, 1pm – 3pm
February 24 – March 24

Members $150 / Non-members $180


Portrait Drawing
Jack Montmeat
Gain understanding of how to conceptualize and construct a portrait drawing utilizing a live model each week. Working from quick studies and longer poses, students will systematically learn the “landscape” of the human face. Explore techniques for capturing accurate anatomical features, proportions, and likeness to develop realistic and expressive portraits. Demonstrations will be performed, and individualized exercises will be explored each week. The class does not assume any prior experience and is designed to cater to a range of levels.

Thursdays, 6pm – 8:30pm

March 10 – April 7
Members $220 / Non-Members $260
*Plus an additional model fee of $50


Nuts & Bolts of Drawing
Lisa Lyman Adams
Develop your ability to draw realistically. Learn the basics including set up, composition, observation skills and techniques to sharpen your accuracy in graphite drawing. Gain knowledge of the physics of shadows and light sources, measure distances accurately, and how to render a variety of shading techniques to achieve different textures.

Wednesdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
March 16 – April 16

Members $150 / Non-Member $180



Adult Painting


Photo to Canvas
Sarah Stifler Lucas
Advance your skills, technique, and personal style using acrylics or oils and a photo reference to inspire your piece. Bring your favorite photographs, magazine images, calendar picture, etc., and explore the process of transforming them into your own work of art. Instructor demonstrations focus on design, composition, and value. Previous painting experience recommended.

Thursdays, 9:30am – 12:30pm
Thursdays, 1pm – 4pm

Session 1: January 13 – February 10
Session 2: February 24 – March 24
Session 3: April 7 – May 5

Members $230 / Public $270


Abstract Landscape
Howard Park & Lisa Miceli
Bring a sense of spontaneity to your art as you free yourself and explore landscape painting in an emotionally expressive way. Discover a new approach to intuitive painting using movement, shapes, patterns, form, and layered colors. This 2-day workshop tackles the abstract language, strategies, and skills to create a personal and convincing work of art that can then be taken to any level of realism you desire. This course is appropriate for any paint medium and any skill level.

Saturday & Sunday, January 22 & January 23
10am – 3pm

Members $160 / Non-Members 190


Watercolor Basics
Lisa Adams
This class is designed to build confidence in your watercolor skills. Instruction will start with the basics and build on concepts and techniques through demonstrations and practice. Experiment with wash techniques, color selection, mixing and blending, achieving texture, and more. Work from still lifes, reference photos provided by the instructor, and personal images.

Tuesdays, 10am – 12pm
February 8 – March 8

Members $150 / Non-Members $180


Plein Air, en Studio
Howard Park & Lisa Miceli
Although the benefits of painting in nature are far superior, allowing all senses to be engaged, our winter weather is not exactly conducive to painting outdoors. However, many of the skills and ways of looking at subject matter can be transferred inside. By utilizing photographs, the fundamental concepts of plein air will enhance your landscape paintings by bringing greater vibrancy, atmosphere, depth, and sense of light to your art. This course is taught in both the medium of watercolor and oil.

Wednesdays, 9am – 12pm
Feb 9 – March 9

Members $230 / Non-members $270


Speed Painting
Howard Park & Lisa Miceli
This one day workshop is designed to awaken your intuitive creativity. Working with your chosen paint medium, learn how to paint a still life in a loose and fun way that will not only delight the viewer, but will teach you how to communicate through quick, but still effective painting techniques. Working with simply placed objects, students will create 20-minute timed paintings that each become a part of the final piece.

Saturday, March 5
10am -3pm

Members $85 / Non-member $100




Digital Photography
Brenda De Los Santos

Learn the basics of digital photography including composition, exposure, white balance, and depth of field using your mirrorless or DSLR camera (point and shoot cameras are NOT sufficient for this class). Discover how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work together to create an image. Topics covered include nature, action, and portrait photography. A digital camera with full manual controls and basic understanding of using dropbox to share files is required. Students will be provided with slides of the topics covered each class and assigned weekly homework assignments to build their skill.

Mondays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Feb 28 – March 28

Members $150 / Public $180



Weekend Workshops
*Instructed by guest artists from the Providence Art Club


Gel Monotype
Angel Dean
Monoprinting using a Gelli plate is a simple, adventurous, and fun printmaking technique that doesn’t require excessive equipment. This workshop will explore additive and reductive techniques to develop an image and establish an understanding of the properties of ink, paper, and pressure to create a broad range of possibilities. *Limited to 10 students.

Saturday, March 19th 10am-3pm

Members $95 / Non-Member $110


Colored Pencil – Vibrant Drawing
Kendra Bidwell Ferreira
Colored pencil is a versatile medium that is portable, inexpensive, and great for combining with other types of media such as watercolor. Through layering and mixing translucent colors directly on the drawing surface, a luminous image is produced. Students will be shown different techniques and approaches to create a vibrant drawing while drawing from a still life. *Limited to 12 students.

Saturday, March 26th 9am-3pm

Members $115 / Non-Member $130


Five Keys to Making Successful Photographic Images
Ruth Clegg
Learn how to make your photographic image look its best for digital presentation, social media, and inkjet printing. Explore different types of equipment and types of paper surfaces for your final output. Students can bring a personal computer or smart phone to use as a personal place to work for editing images. *Limited to 10 students.

Saturday, April 2nd 9am – 3pm

Members $115 / Non-Member $130


Pochoir Prints
Elena Obelenus
In French “pochoir” means stencil – which is the foundation of this process. Class will begin with an introduction to the history of Pochoir followed by demonstrations of basic techniques to more complex applications. This is an exciting technique, and the end result can be anything from semi-realistic renderings to abstract interpretations of an image. *Limited to 10 students.

Saturday, April 23rd 10am-4pm

Members $115 / Non-Member $130


Charcoal Drawing on Mylar
Nancy Gaucher-Thomas
Experience drawing with charcoal on a new surface. Mylar is a translucent film that allows light to pass through all untouched areas to reveal a subtle luminosity. Instruction and demonstrations will showcase this versatile and exciting surface. Students can work from their own photographs or still life objects. *Limited to 10 students.

Saturday, April 30th 10am – 4pm

Members $115 / Non-Member $130


Suminagashi Japanese Marble Technique
Carol FitzSimonds
Students will create delicate to vibrant sheets of decorative papers using water, sumi inks, aluminum foil trays and sticks or brushes. This 10th century floating ink marbling technique allows for the manipulation of materials to create various designs. Students can use these decorative papers to complete their own personal projects from decoupage to bookbinding to fine art collage. *Limited to 10 students.

Saturday, May 14th – 9am-3pm

Members $115 / Non-Member $130

COVID – 19 Safety Protocols

  • Students will be asked to prescreen themselves for any of the following symptoms prior to the start of class: Fever, cough, fatigue, headache, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, congestion, and nausea
  • Temperature checks required upon entrance each week of class
  • Students will be asked to maintain a 6-foot social distancing requirement at all times
  • Masks must be worn upon entering the studio and throughout the duration of class
  • Only registered students will be allowed into the studio. If you are a parent of a child taking classes, they will be checked in by their instructor at the studio entrance.

Please know that the health and safety of our students and instructors here at MMoA is of utmost importance. We will conduct a daily review of official public health data for the community to keep track of the current state of COVID- 19 spread. We will use this information to make decisions regarding whether or not to run programming and will be vigilant in adhering to all state guidelines. Students are entitled to a full or partial related tuition refund for COVID related closures.