Annual Fund

The Museum’s Annual Fund not only helps the Mystic Museum of Art in its operations, but also allows patrons, artists, students, and members of the community to enjoy all of what we offer.

Are you the next Jacob Huntington?

Jacob R. Huntington is remembered in Amesbury, Massachusetts, for laying the foundation of the town’s great carriage industry. During the mid-nineteenthth century Huntington developed the concept and system of building carriages exactly alike and costing the same. His manufacturing prowess led him to substantial wealth.

But Jacob Huntington also did something equally as remarkable: he gave a young artist an opportunity. When Amesbury poet John Greenleaf Whitter urged Jacob Huntington to give young carriage maker Charles H. Davis money to study art abroad, Huntington did as Whittier asked. His gift enabled Davis to study at the Academie Julian in Paris. Davis’s experiences in Paris are far reaching.
Today, the Mystic Museum of Art is the legacy of that gift. Charles H. Davis established the Mystic Art colony, which opened the door for prominent artists like Henry Ward Ranger, Robert Brackman, E. Kenneth Bates, Beatrice Cuming, Garrett Price, and Katherine Tod Johnstone to make their mark in the art world. These artists are a few of those who were transformative in the creation of the Mystic Museum of Art.

Our great organization was started thanks to a gift from Jacob Huntington to Charles H. Davis. Today we showcase artists of all ages. We have established education programming to ensure that the next generation can discover their creative spirit. With over 2,000 students from our local community impacted by our Education Programs, we continue to nurture the creative spirit of the young and old.

We hope you will consider a contribution to the Annual Fund and I thank you in advance for your support. Your gift could have the same long lasting impact as did Jacob Huntington.

Bill Furgueson
Director of External Affairs




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