Thank you to all of those

who lent MMoA their Soderberg works!

Brunson Dodge
Kathleen and James Hunter
Dagny St. John
Rufus Allyn and Roy Bohlander
Ellie and Dick Kilbourne
C. William Stamm
The Auger Family
Jen and Jim Kimenker
Joseph and Kathleen Stevens
Dan and Cynthia Benfield
Mrs. James W. Lathrop
Peter and Karin Stuart
Patty and Bob Bessey
Lyman Allyn Art Museum, Gift of Frances Wayland Williams
Sarah Clark Stuart
Mary Boland
Lisa MacDonnell
Joanne Townsend Taber
Linda Halsey Bonadies
H. Wes Maxwell and Mary Anne Stets
Joan Thorpe
Todd Bush and Casey Egan
Pamela McGee
US Coast Guard Museum
Tory and Rob Christian
Mason’s Island Yacht Club
US Coast Guard Academy
Tim Clark
Peter Metcalf and Shelley Wood
US Submarine Force Museum
Paul and Carol Connor
Mystic & Noank Library
Sally Vail
Julie Brooks Crowe
Mystic Museum of Art Permanent
Dan and Betsy Van Winkle
Betsie and Curt Danforth ; a gift from Pat and Ben Lord
Mystic Seaport Museum Permanent
Jack and Barbara Washburn
Michael Gillen
Cindy Palmer
Bill White
Margot Greener
Howard Gray Park III
Karin Forde Whittemore
Andy Halsey
Julia Pavone and Mark Dixon
Thyrza Whittemore
Bill Halsey
John and Thalia Pryor
Chris and Shirley Wick
Gretchen G. Higgins
Sam and Linda Saltonstall
Gray and Susie Horn
Karin Soderberg
Avery Hughes and Betsey Hughes
Martha Soderberg